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Free-Standing Embroidery Frames

Part 5 of Embroidery Frames Tutorial

Applying them to the project

I attached my frames to the Kaleidoscope Series blocks

KaleidoscopeSEries_300_4Squares_600From left to right these blocks are Purple Feathers, 10 Point Star, Glorious Hearts, and Floral Fountains

Audition your embroidery designs in the center of the frame to decide how you want it placed.

    NOTE: Because of the way the artwork was made, the outside of the frame is a little bit landscape or portrait depending on which way you turn it. So keep that in mind if you have several frames to make for your project. Make sure they are all turned the same direction.

Pin in place a couple pins on each side.

Use a straight stitch and the same top thread as you used to sew the embroidery.

Start sewing at the corner.

FrameTutorial_300_SewOnStart_400Hold the fabric in place while the machine takes 3-4 stitches

Then let the machine feed it along side of the satin stitch bar.


Sew up against the satin stitch bar but not into the satin stitch

Stop and remove pins as you come to them.

FrameTutorial_300_SewOnMiddle_400Follow the dashed line in the photo below

  1. When you get to the end, hold the fabric in place while the machine takes 3-4 stitches
  2. Needle up, Presser foot up
  3. Jump over the curve (don’t cut the thread)
  4. Sew along the curve until you get to the next bar
  5. Hold the fabric in place while the machine takes 3-4 stitches
  6. Needle and Presser foot up
  7. Jump over to the curve to the corner (don't’ cut the thread)
  8. Continue sewing in the manner until you return to the origin.

Watch my video how I do this


Laura's Notions



LacyHrtFrame_300_Finishedcorner_600After applying the frame to the block, I flipped it over to the backside and trimmed the edges of the block off to about 1” larger all around the frame opening.


It takes an extraordinary amount of time making these tutorials for you. I hope you will read and study them in their entirety. If you have learned something from them, then the effort has been worth it and my goal has been reached.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me on FB or by email at






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