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The Art of Sewing - Master It

Learning How to Sew Clothing

I received a message from Victoria at telling me my sewing page was very helpful She is the community outreach liaison for the youth center and has been looking for some indoor projects to keep the kids busy during the fall and winter months. She decided to start a fiber arts crafting group, in hopes to sew some blankets for their local animal shelter. Some of these children have never sewn before.

Sarah, one of the little girls there, found this link with information she found helpful. Learning How to Sew Clothing page does have a lot of good information for the beginner and intermediate sewer alike. It has links from all over with more valuable information.

If you are like me you love looking at sewing pages. I appreciate it when someone else has done the scouring  of sites to find good helpful information. I tweeted some of these.  I hope you enjoy looking through these and perhaps learn a thing or two at the same time.

One of my lifetime goals is to promote sewing everywhere I can. I am thankful Victoria and other volunteers like her are passing on the art of sewing to the next generation. Sew On!

Kids Cause Mentoring Program


Laura’s Clutch Pattern


Sewing for Him

Blue Cherrywood Pieced Quilt Shirt


My Stitches Potpourri Dress
The Adventure


Lower Extremity & Rococo Pillows
Lower Extremity Comfort and Support Pillow



My Everything PillowMy “Everything” Pillow

This project was inspired by my Everything From The Heart Quilt, which I created to demonstrate how multi-hooping, free-motion embroidery and the these and perhaps collaboration of different machine embroidery designs can be mixed with a bit of imagination to create pretty much anything you desire. My Everything Pillow uses those concepts, all be on a slightly smaller scale, should you wish to try your hand at blending these techniques to create your own Everything Project.

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself."
Amelia Earhart


Fleece Blanket and Pillowcases

With a Message

A quick to make gift, especially for newly weds and anniversaries

Laura's White Throw


Sewing for Him

Herringbone Pieced Vest

I love sewing for hubby. He appreciates it so much. He puts on everything I make for him as soon as it is finished - a nice compliment.  Involving him in my craft has given him a good understanding of its value and appreciation for it.

Herringbone Vest


Personal Quilt

The perfect gift for him is his own personal quilt for kicking back for a nap, TV time, or simply sitting at the computer. It's great to have your own cover up that no one else gets to use but you – so it's always available for you when you want it

I found some realistic wild life printed fabric with blues and grays accent. Perfect I thought – not wild and crazy colors or silly looking animals. This is MANLY fabric. It wasn't panels that could be made into a ‘cheater’ quilt but that didn't stop me from fussy cutting my own panels and making this quilt.

It doesn't matter what theme you prefer - cars, football, boats - the process is still the same. If you find the perfect fabric for your guy this is what you can make for him.

His Quilt


Adult Bib Pattern and Instructions

Adult Bib Pattern in PDF format.

Adult bib in action!

I can’t make enough of these!



"Make a difference about something other than yourselves." - Toni Morrison


Appliqued Butterflies

Walker Bag

Walker Bag

Neckline Changes

For embroidery blanks, I sometimes purchase men’s pocketless T Shirts and change the neckline to a more feminine cut.

Altered Neckline

"If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered." - Edgar Allan Poe



Fleece Blanket






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Laura Waterfield

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