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Laura’s Clutch Pattern

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Topstitches along pocket edges shown here in completed purse

Topstitching the Pockets

  1. Use a stitch of your choice to sew across each folded end of the pocket piece ⅛” inch from the edge. I used a multi zigzag stitch 1.5mm length x 4mm wide.
  2. Use color thread of your choice. I used cream that matched the main fabric and the lining fabric
  3. If you have a machine that will do lettering, consider adding a message or your name and date here.
  4. See Diagram B in purple


Pocket Placement onto the Lining

  1. Lay the pockets over the lining as shown in diagram B in purple. It should be 4 ”  from the cut edge on the velcro end of the lining
  2. See Diagram B, in purple
  3. Align the raw edges of the pocket fabric with the raw edges of the lining fabric
  4. Attach the pocket to the lining on each side using a ” seam allowance.



Pocket placement shown after lining and main fabric are sewn together and turned



Diagram B - The Lining






  1. Place the lining with the pockets attached face down onto the right side of the main fabric RST (right sides together).
  2. Align raw edges of both fabrics and pin all around
  3. Leave a 6” opening on the end as shown in Diagram A and Diagram B.
  4. Sew all around with ⅜” seam allowance leaving the 6 inch area open
  5. With the exception of the 6” opening, trim the seam allowance to 3/16”. Leave the opening as it is.
  6. Clip corners. I like to sew the corners a second time to reinforce.
  7. Turn right side out. Be sure the pockets turn as well so they are not on top of the main fabric.
  8. Use your favorite tool to push out the corners. I used a pair of blunt ended scissors.
  9. Roll the seam allowance between your thumb and index finger to get it flush along the edge.
  10. Being careful not to steam your fingers, steam press all around.
  11. At the 6 inch opening, fold the main fabric under evenly and press.
  12. Fold the lining under evenly and press.
  13. Pin opening in place.
  14. Topstitch all the way across across this end of the clutch including across the opening. Sew ⅛” from the edge as you did the edges of the pockets. This closes the opening and will match the edges of the other pockets.
  15. Following diagram B, draw onto the lining fabric a faint line across the stitch line for the bottom of the pockets. It is the same line as the bottom fold line and says “see instructions” in burgundy.
  16. Stitching through all layers sew on the line twice. Use thread that matches the main fabric and the lining fabric. This creates the 3 pockets.

Spring Bouquet Collection


Pinwheel Petals Collectino


  1. Cut the 4” loop side of the velcro into two 2 inch pieces. Use the velcro color that matches the main fabric. I used white.
  2. Pin each piece 1 ” from the stitched edge and 2 ” from the sides on the main fabric.
  3. See diagram A.
  4. Sew the velcro on with a straight stitch twice at about 1/16” from the edge.

Quiltering Heart Motifs Series

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