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Lower Extremity and Rococo Pillows

Part 3 - Support Pillow Construction


Notions and instructions for Support Pillow

First you will need a firm pillow form 28 x 14.

For fabrics, I found drapery fabrics that matched the colors in our bedroom. These fabrics are 60 inches wide so I purchased 1 yard of each. If your fabric choices are less than 60 inches wide then add an extra - yard more.

I found a home dec grade of decorative piping to add into the seam. I bought 3 and a half yards.

For the Embroidery

Cut out three 14-inch squares for the 3 embroidery designs.

Use 1 layer medium weight cutaway stabilizer and hoop it with the fabric.

Sew the three 8 inch designs (or smaller designs if you wish).


Trim off one side of the two end blocks and both sides of the center block leaving inch seam allowance outside the embroidery design.

Sew the 3 together butting them up against the center design.

Press the seams open.

Then, I decided to add 1 and a half inches all around for a decorative flange around the pillow. I have found a flange handy to grab onto to handle the pillow.

I added extra fabric, 1 and 1/2 inches all around it to make the pillow top 18 x 32 inches and still fit the pillow form

Pin, then sew the piping onto the pillow top fabric. Sew it around the edge using inch seam allowance. If the piping is stiff you will need to round the corners with it like I did.

Please  note: The embroidery design on this pillow is my personal design and not for sale. Sorry.


The Back

For the back make a simple envelope design out of 2 pieces of fabric that overlap allowing the insertion of the pillow form - see the Rococo Pillow for more details how to do this.

My mathematical madness

  • To cut the two back pieces follow this equation
  • Pillow top is 32 inch long/2 = 16 inches + 3 inches hem + 3 inch overlap = 22 inches long
  • Therefore, cut 2 back fabric pieces 18 inches wide x 22 inches long.


  1. Serge finish 1 of the short ends of each piece
  2. Fold that edge under 3 inches and topstitch it.
  3. With right sides together pin one of the 2 back pieces to one side of the pillow top. Then pin the 2nd piece on overlapping the first. See photo under the Rococo pillow below.
  4. Stitch the back on by following just inside the stitching that attached the piping.
  5. Keep the rounded shape to the four corners
  6. Clip the curves. Turn right side out. Pull on the piping a little to get the seam out flush.
  7. Mark 1 inches from the edge all around.  See the Rococo pillow for how to do this
  8. Mark the curved corners See the Rococo pillow for how to do this.
  9. Pin this line all the way around to hold it in place.
  10. Top stitch all the way around following the dotted pencil marks.

All done. Insert the pillow into the envelope back and it is ready to use





”When I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the Moon, I cried.”
Alan Shepard talking about his time on the lunar surface during the Apollo 14 mission in February 1971.





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