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My ‘Everything’ Pillow

Inspired by my Everything From the Heart Quilt

I call this pillow ‘Everything’ because at the time it included all of my floral designs PLUS all the other things I did to make the pillow.

For this project I used cream cotton Kona Cloth for the background and cotton quilt batting. For the frame I used a velvet like upholstery fabric which I also used for the back.

Madeira Polyneon threads are what I used for all of the embroidery in this project. I used prewound cotton bobbins.

I fused one layer of ShirTailor to the backside of the fabric. But still added a layer of tear away under that.

I used a size 12 Topstitch  needle for all of the embroidery.

As you can see I did a bit of multiple hooping these 4x4 floral designs. To me it didn’t matter if some of them overlapped because in floral arrangements flowers overlap and not considered unusual at all.

 The designs I used are Floral Embellishments I, Floral Embellishments II, Carnations, and Purple Fancies.

My Everything Pillow



"Vous ferez des choses folles, mais faites-les avec enthousiasme."
- Colette

To make the layout, I opened one of the designs in my software. I then made a circle outline for reference only. Then I inserted one other flower at a time, arranging them into a sort of circle until I liked the arrangement. I did try to keep the colors evenly dispersed.

Once I was satisfied with the arrangement I printed the entire layout. I would use this to assist me with hooping each flower as I sewed them.  I then went about printing a template of each flower. 

I use a light box to assist with hooping. I tape the big template (master template) to the glass of the light box.  See how I do this in my tutorial for multi-hoop placement.

                      Close up of the center

I made a simple shaped frame (like a pictures mat) for this pillow. I wanted something that was not round but has a little shape that would not take away from the flowers. I faced it with fusible interfacing.


For the frame I wanted to add something to it to make it stand out a bit more but still not take away from the floral embroidery. I used my graphics software to merge some of Dover's calligraphy scrolls into a design that fit the area and I found pleasing.I then printed the finished design.

To apply it to the fabric, I pinned the paper onto the plum fabric. Then I straight stitched through the paper following the lines of the design using a contrasting thread color.

Before I appliquéd the frame to the cream center piece. I needed to do the green embroidery. I used a 4mm satin stitch over the straight stitch.

Close up of the border


I made a simple envelope backing for the pillow out of the same fabric as the frame. It is soft to lay your face onto. I never lay my face on the decorative side of a pillow.

Back of the pillow

I added drapery fringe around the edges to finish it all off. Because the fringe heading is quite decorative,  I did not sew it into the seam but rather top stitched it on.








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