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Quilts on Towels

What’s that you say?



Before my machine embroidery symbiosis occurred, I used to make quilts the traditional way. Looking for any way to add them to everyday things in my life I came upon the idea to add them to towels.

These towels of course are the ones I wanted to stay on the towel racks for decoration. Not knowing my intentions, they did indeed get used by none other than my hubby.

It turned out fine though because they went through the laundry just fine and I returned them to the towel rack with no one the wiser. It was a good test though, knowing I could decorate my towels this way and use them as well.

It’s a practice I still adhere to to this day.

Basically I added a small quilt top to the top side of the towels. I did not add quilt batting behind these little quilt tops. The loft of the towels is plenty of thickness. Of course the quilt is the backing for the quilt top.


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These quilt block designs are paper pieced designs.

After making the squares, I added a layer of fusible on top with the fusible side up. I then added it to the block sewing it on around the outside edge of the block. I cut a slit into the fusible and used the opening to turn the block right side out. This put the fusible against the backside of the block.  It also turned the raw edges of the block to the inside keeping them nice and secure. I used my iron to fuse it in place

Once the raw edges were secure I could then add the block to the washcloths. I used a very narrow blind hem stitch to attach the blocks to the towels. I used the same color thread as the fabric. Evenso, if you look closely you can barely see some of these stitches.

I auditioned blocks onto the towels but they didn’t appeal to me by themselves. So I added some sashing and borders. I wanted to dress them up a bit more so I decided I would add lace. I wanted wide lace where the scalloped edge would lay along the edge of the towel so it would be seen against the dark color of the towel. Fortunately I found some in cream color and with a fancier edge than scallops.





Before adding it to the towel I went to the ironing board and pressed under a inch hem on all 4 sides of the border. I attached the lace to the hem with a top stitch following closely along the folded edge of the border.  I then pinned the whole thing to the towel.

To attach it to the towel, I stitched in the ditch along the sashing and borders that butted the blocks. Along the edges of the quilt top border, I top stitched closely to the fold of each of the four sides attaching it to the towel.

Don’t ask me why I felt the need to stipple the dark green borders and sashing. I’m guessing I thought it made it more like a quilt. It even looks like it is quilted - smiles!

I tried to take a picture of the backside but the stitching would not show. I used the same color bobbin thread as the towel. The terry of the towel buried the stitches. How nice!

I have another set of towels I did similar but that’s for another day.





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