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How to Make a Quilt Label

Laura’s Method

Part 5 of 7 How to Make a Small Quilt

My finished quilt label

My Heather Hardanger Angel

Every quilt should have a label noting the date and quilt maker. If it is for someone or an occasion that should be included. It will personalized the quilt. Future generations want to know. It will give the quilt nostalgia.

I’ve made many quilt labels over the years but this is my current and favorite method - so far.

Although this is a machine embroidery label the same can be accomplished without using an embroidery machine. I’ve made them that way too.

In this tutorial I’m using a label I added it to the red and yellow quilt I made for my niece. See the quilt on the Petal Party page.

Within this tutorial you will find the download button to receive an email with a download link for the embroidery design. There are 3 sizes. Please do not share the designs or the download link. If one of your friends want the design please send them to this site to download it themselves - it is free!

Sew the Design

Fuse a layer of ShirTailor to the back of the fabric.

Hoop fabric

Sew the design - following the color changes indicated below

Illustrated layout of the label's embroidery design


Color 1 sews an outline of the overall label

Color 2 sews a decorative border around the edge of the label

Color 3 sews the flower petals

Color 4 sews the flower centers

Sew the lettering - use your embroidery software to add the lettering


Fusible Interfacing

Place a layer of medium weight fusible interfacing over the label with the fusible side up. I use ShirTailor

Last color change sews the fusible to the label


Stitched down a piece of fusible interfacing

Time to remove the fabric from the hoop.

Cutting out the label

Remove the fabric from the hoop.

Use sharp scissors to cut out the label about 1/8 inch outside the stitching


Trim the excess fabric and interfacing


Wing Needle Lily

Clipping Notches in the Curved Areas

Clip notches in all the curved areas of the label.

In this example the entire label is curved so I cut notches all the way around the label.

Cut out V’s (notches) around the label about every 3/8 inch

Cut close to the stitching but do not cut through the stitching

It’s easier to do this if you fold the edge and snip a little piece out of the edge. When you open the fold you  have a nice little notch.

The purpose of doing this is to allow the rolled back seam to lay flat.


Notch the edge of the design

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