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How to Make a Quilt Label

Laura’s Method - Page 2

Turning the Label Right-Side Out

On the fusible side, cut a ‘plus’ into the center of the fusible about 3” x 3”

Turn the label right side out through this opening.

Cut a 3x3 inch cross in the center of the interfacing


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- Margaret Fuller


Use your favorite tool to push out the seam. I like to use a pair of blunt tipped scissors to slide around the seam edge inside between the label and the fusible to get the seam flush.

Turn the interfacing and push out the edges

Pressing out the edges from the backside

Chenille Hearts 'N' Such

Pressing the Label

To press embroidery it needs to be face down and onto something to prevent the embroidery from being flattened. For years I’ve used a thick doubled terry towel successfully. Recently I purchased a thick wool pressing mat. I use this much more than I thought I ever would.

Shown here is the label face down on the wool mat before pressing

Now you're ready to fuse the stablizer to the back of your label


Fusing the Stabilizer to the Backside of the Label

Roll the seam between your thumb and index to get the seam out flush.

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for temperature and timing to fuse the stabilizer.

Being careful not to burn yourself, use the tip of your iron or a very small iron to press and fuse the stabilizer to the backside edge of the label. Just the edge Do this about every inch at a time around the label taking care that the seam is flush.

Remember to use only the tip of your iron to fuse the stabilizer

Calligraphy Animals

Onc the outside edge is fused, arrange the 3 inch ‘plus’ you cut into the stabilizer so the cut edges lay flat - most likely overlapping each other. Fuse the rest of the stabilizer to the back of the label.

Close up of the backside fused - There is usually a few wrinkles.

Now your stabilizer is fused to the back and your label is ready to be used


Finished Label

Now the label has a clean finished edge that will be easy to apply to your project.

Close up of finished label

Label close up of the finished edge.


I hand stitch labels onto my projects.

To do this, I pin it in place with only a few pins being careful to bury the tips of the pins into the loft of the quilt batting.

Then I sew a basting stitch around the label close to the edge. Doesn’t have to be precise. Remove the pins as you go.

Next permanently hand stitch the label onto the project. Without the pins the thread does not get caught on pinheads and I don’t get stuck with the pins.

Once sewn on, remove the basting stitches and you are done!

Download the embroidery design to this Quilt Label Tutorial here.

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