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These two columns are for promoting the associate embroidery design collection. Pictures should be sized 350x350px, before allowing for additional margins about them. Pictures can be can be larger - i.e. up to 675px wide and heights that are approximate multiples of 350px. However, if a picure is too big  - i.e. larger than 350x350px, either shrink the image or merge table cells from the these two columns

Unless otherwise stated, any and all text is assumed to be at least 16px in size, with 12px margins - top, bottom, lef & right - attached to the paragraph formatting.

Be default, each row of this table is at least 350px tall, even if the NOF interface does not display it. Any content significantly taller than 350px, like these instructions, should consider merging the adjacent cell, either below or to the side, in order to preserve the layout of the ads column.

By Default, each column of this table is no more than 365px wide. Any content - i.e. pictures wider than 35opx - should either be scale down - 325px plus 12px margin - or the cell should be cell should be merged with the one immediately adjacent to it in the next column, which would accommodate an image up to 700px wide, plus a 12 px margin.

Pictures should be scaled before placing them in the table, to avoid any potential issues with the layout.


This column is reserved for ads - Google, Target, Laura’s Sewing Studio, etc.

Skyscaper/Billboard Ads are 300x600px, while smaller picture ads are typically 350x350px.

Any content in the two columns to the left should either break at heights that are a least 350px tall, or multiples thereof. Otherwise, the cells from one row should be merged with the cells from the row below below or beside it to ensure the placement of the ads in this column are not too adversely affected.
















Reserved for purchase button and associated ad copy for the embroidery designs for on this page.


Last row is for a banner ad - i.e. Google, Target or Laura’s Sewing Studio




Laura's Sewing Studio embroidery designs and any instructions are for personal use. Designs and copyrighted images are intended for private, non-commercial use. Laura's Sewing Studio entitles the purchaser only to make projects for personal use. The embroidery designs and any instructions are the copyrighted property of Laura M. Waterfield. No design, documentation, or associated graphic distributed as part of this collection may be shared, re-sold individually, re-packaged, or used in any commercial endeavor or instructional presentation without the written consent of Laura's Sewing Studio. Any modifications of these embroidery designs or instructions are for the personal non-commercial use of the purchaser only and may not be sold or distributed under this licensing agreement.
If your friends want these instructions or designs, please send them to this website. Both your integrity and patronage allow us to continue with new product development, while keeping down cost and maintaining quality support.

Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

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