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Clearance Sale on Pursenickety Purse Pattern
$3.75 each (While Supplies Last!)

Pursenickety Purse Patterns by Donna Collins

Donna Collins has a keen eye for balancing functionality with fashion, while making her line of do-it-yourself purse patterns fun and easy to make.  Combine these patterns with the right fabric, a few pieces of hardware, and your own unique embellishments and you’ll have a purse to rival anything you could buy ready made.  These stylish, trendy, and infinitely functional purse patterns need only your personal touch to make them a one of kind fashion statement.

I chose Donna’s patterns because she goes the extra mile to make her purses especially nice as well as functional. They contain many pockets and she uses nice hardware to attach the handles as well as closures and feet. They lend themselves well to show off your machine embroidery, decorative stitches, trims, and so much more.

Where you see Laura’s Sewing Studio embroidery designs, ask about Pursenickety Patterns. Visit us often to find out about the next great idea from Donna Collins and Pursenickety Patterns.

Click the images below for purchaseing and further details on each pattern.

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