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Punch/Machine Embroidery -

What is punch needle?
     Punch embroidery is a ‘hand’ embroidery. See more details about it here
The Punch/Embroidery collections include machine embroidery done first which sews among other things the outlines defining the punch areas. The punch areas are very small areas that are filled with punch embroidery after the machine embroidery is done.

Does the punch needle fit my sewing machine ?
The punch needle is NOT a needle that fits a sewing machine. It is a needle used by hand to punch (push) threads and ribbons through fabric

How do you wash projects with punch embroidery ?
     I turn the project inside out, place it in a small garment bag and wash/dry it in the washer/dryer with the rest of the laundry. A word of caution tho - don’t allow silk ribbon to sit wet onto the fabric as some colors may bleed. Check out the purple knit top on the Silk Ribbon Impressions - Primrose Pokers and Torch Lillies collection. This top has been through the laundry as stated above and looks the same as it did before laundering.

How do the loops stay in?
    Current literature states that when the fabric is released from the hoop, the weave of the fabric with hold the loops in place. Depending on the fabric/threads you choose to use this is true. However, I am an active person and I know the loops on my favorite project will eventually get hung on something (jewelry, nails, etc) - afterall the loops pull out easily if you want them to. For that reason I like to permanately secure the loops. Please refer to the written literature that accompanies the collection for details about products and how to do this.

Just what is Phishing and Spoofing?

Recently, some folks brought to our attention, that Laura's Sewing Studio has been identified as a potential Phishing website.  We were both aghast and gravely concerned over the accusation.  You see, for those tender foot web trekkers unfamiliar with all the 21st century slang, phishing is a criminal activity.  While the slang term and the tools employed are new, for those old enough to remember the days before computers, we simply called it the confidence game. Think Paul Newman and Robert Redford in The Sting.  However, today's confidence men steal from you and me, instead of wealthy, unscrupulous bankers.  Still, the basic approach has not really changed.  The confidence man pretends to be someone he is not to solicit personal information from you, to which he has no right.

Still, should you wish to explore the dark and seedy world of Phishing, here are some websites and Internet articles with which you might start your education.






Of course, the insidiousness of today's Phishing is that it comes from many directions.  These criminals use the mail, telephone, e-mail, and even face to face.  However, the computer and that wonderful information highway we call the Internet, are by far the most productive tools for this activity.  A criminal can sit in one country, or other part of the world, and Phish in another, leaving law enforcement authorities in both countries scratching their heads over jurisdiction and threshold for prosecution.

Most of you who take the time to read this, have some idea how a Phishing attack occurs on your computers.  You get an e-mail that appears to be from a bank or credit card company with which you do business.  Perhaps it's a government organization or even a plea for financial assistance or offer for a prize.  The message encourages you to click on a link taking you to a very official looking website, that ultimately ask you for information about your bank accounts, pass codes, social security number, and date of birth.  Of course, the real crime comes later when you discover that you're the proud owner of a dozen new credit cards, that have been maxed out, and a brand new car you've never seen, and the bills are due.

The whole idea can be quite frightening and very disheartening to a tenderfoot of the Internet.  So, what should one do?

For starters, unsolicited e-mail should go in the same place that unsolicited junk mail likely goes when found in the mail box.  The trash.  This includes e-mails with attachments from folks you do not know.  I get ten birthday card e-mails a day, all year round from people and places I don't even know.  Even if the email looks official, DO NOT click on any links contained in it.  Instead, go straight to the source.  If the IRS sends you an e-mail advising you they owe you money – which the won't – then get 'em on the phone or type in their address directly from your web browser.  Http://www.irs.gov is not hard to remember.  The United States Federal Government is surprisingly efficient at shutting Phishing operations that use their name, even when those sites are outside the United States.

The next thing we can all do is stop letting these criminals use our computers.  You see, it's very inefficient for a Phishing criminal to use his own computers.  Instead, he prefers to use our PC's to generate all of those annoying and potential dangerous e-mails.  By doing so, he can hide in the confusion and evade detection as he moves about.  Have installed and professionally configured Internet Security Software onto all of your computers.  I dare say you don't leave your home unlocked.  Nor did you install your own home security system.  The day of the shade tree mechanic is gone and so, alas, is the shade tree computer geek.  However, even the best tuned security software won't keep the Phishing e-mails out of your mail, because for every person who protects her PC, there are ten folks out there who do not.  Practice both precautions like a one-two punch.

So, what about the suspicious activities at Laura's Sewing Studio?  At this time, the issue appears to be associated with Microsoft's Anti-Phishing program built into Windows Explorer.  We have contacted Microsoft seeking an explanation as to how and why parts of our website have been deemed suspect Phishing sites.  We still await an explanation as of the publication of this FAQ.  If you are a user of Microsoft Internet Explorer, you might inquire of Microsoft as to how they have determined that Laura's Sewing Studio is engaged in illegal activity, as we are still trying to understand it.  If other people, using other Internet browsers are seeing similar anti-phishing messages when they visit us, please feel free to contact Albert with the details.  We endeavor to do whatever is possible to correct this matter.

For users of McAfee security software, you can also inquire about the integrity of our site.  At least one evaluation has already been done to date.


So that you know, e-mails notices from Laura's Sewing Studio are by your request.  We use the embroidery subscriber groups and the YahooGroup system to notify Laura's customers and fans about new projects, products, and events.  These subscriber systems are based on the idea that you've invited us to send you notices. 

Purchases through our website are handled through PayPal, which collects information necessary to complete the purchases.  Purchases using PayPal use to be strictly with PayPal funds.  However, in recent years the company has begun accepting debit and credit cards to complete transactions.  Like us, PayPal won't be sending you e-mails asking you to click the link below to fix a problem with your account.  When you get an e-mail like that, forward it to spoof@paypal.com for investigation.

Should you call us, at no time will anyone at Laura's Sewing Studio ask for anything more than is necessary to process your orders.  Even at that, you must call first.  Most days we're too busy to even look up and check the weather.

What is LACE DREAMS exactly?

We get quite a few questions about our LACE DREAMS products. I think the most frequently asked question is 'What is it exactly?"So, I thought I would share with you how LACE DREAMS came about and hopefully it will help you understand what it is.

About 30 years ago my sister asked me to crochet for her a yoke that she could use to create a nightgown.  I did, of course, and the gown turned out beautiful. With todays technology I thought it would be great to recreate this process using machine embroidered lace.  But there were limitations - it had to be able to be sewn in a 4x4 hoop and I didn't know how to make a pattern for the fabric part for any size but my own.

Then, 2 years ago I met Mandy Foster, a young and ambitious pattern maker.  We talked about my idea and she agreed to take on the challenge of making the patterns for the fabric part of the garment and determine what size the lace squares needed to be for each garment size and still fit a 4x4 hoop. She coined the name "LACE DREAMS" - a perfect fit.  When I saw her beautiful nightgown drawings I was so impressed. I thought "what a shame to only wear these to bed".  We decided to expand the Lace Dreams idea by altering the fit and making the hems adjustable so they could also be worn as dresses, jumpers, and blouses.

Then, we had to make it easy for anyone to create them. We made easy to follow instructions, full size patterns in 4 sizes, full size front and back yoke layouts (templates) in 4 sizes, and placed a picture with file name of each embroidery design needed to make the yokes in the appropriate location on the yoke layouts. When you see the layouts for Sophia (the V-yoke style) you'll realize what a genius Mandy is to have figured that out.

Unlike other lace you've made, LACE DREAMS embroidery designs are NOT one design that is sewn multiple times and zigzagged together.  Instead, each yoke requires several variations of the designs for fit and finish. The back yokes are different from the front yokes requiring more variations. The hems require even more variations. Plus, each size garment requires different size lace.

Still, after 2 years and a lot hard work, I think we did a fantastic job, if I do say so myself.  While the lace embroidery designs do have some uses outside of the garment, they and the garment pattern are integral parts of the same project - an ambitious project - and one I feel that any one who loves embroidery and sewing can tackle and enjoy.

We have made many of these garments. They fit beautifully and I personally find them very comfortable - and comfort's what I'm all about, right down to my Birkies.  Just as important, you can dress them up or your can dress them down, as part of your creative contribution.  You choose the fabric and thread combination that is your LACE DREAMS.

I hope this answers some of your questions about the Lace Dreams pattern projects.  As always, I love to get pictures from you and look forward to you sharing with me your creations.


Where Are The Instructions For My Designs?

Instructions are included with the purchase of any design or design collection from Laura’s Sewing Studio.  Typically, the instructional documents can be located in a folder called “Documents” alongside the sewing format folders, such as ART, HUS, PES, etc.  Sometimes, if there is only one design file, the instructional document will be included in the same folder as the embroidery file.

Coming up with a name for the instructional document can be tricky.  If I just call them Instructions, then eventually confusion would reign, especially if there is more than one instructional file per collection.  Therefore, I typically name the instructional file the same as the design or collection - i.e. LSSKinkyFringe embroidery design includes an instructional file called LSSKinkyFringe.pdf.  The instructional files can identified by the Adobe Reader icon next the name, when looking at them from within Windows Explorer - a part of every Microsoft Windows OS since Windows 95.

The design’s instructions are always distributed as PDF documents.  Why?  Because the PDF file format allows me to include illustrations, photographs, and other graphics as visual aids to the instructions.  Unfortunately, PDF files cannot be seen from within embroidery software, such as Artista, Buzz Tools, etc., because those programs are designed to read embroidery files, not PDF files.  Open Windows Explorer - located under Accessories - and navigate to the correct design (Kinky Fringe, 8 Point Star, Calligraphy Animals, etc.) folder located under the Laura’s Sewing Studio folder.

Should you require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please go to www.Adobe.com to get the latest free copy of the Acrobat Reader program.

How do I make a Light- Box? - click here

How do I use my Pfaff 7570 Big Hoop - click here

How do I edit lace designs - Click here

Lisa Shaw at BuzzTools has created easy to follow directions on how to edit lace designs using BuzzEdit.  Click here. Click on Samples. Click on PDF Notes. Then where it says Editing Lace Designs in BuzzEdit Click on Click Here to Download

BuzzEdit is an affordable, easy to use embroidery editing program. It is available for FREE TRIAL DOWNLOAD at BuzzTools website

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