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The embroidery block is now ready to add to the back of the Wing Needle Madness Vest.


Figure 5
The assembled embroidery block

Part 2

Prepare the Vest Back for the Wing Needle Flourish Embroidery Block

Notions needed

  • Pattern-Ease
  • Stitch N Tear
  • Spray starch
  • Steam Iron
  • Straight pins

Begin by pressing the fabric you will use for the vest back. I used the same fabric as used to construct the vest front when I embellished it with my Wing Needle Madness designs. After you have pressed it, spray starch both sides and press again.

If you are like me, no pattern is a perfect match. As such, I use Pattern-Ease to cut out my vest pattern piece. Thus preserving the original pattern and allows me to make any necessary alterations before cutting into the fabric. Pattern-Ease, when the pieces of the pattern are pinned together, drape well enough to allow me to audition any alteration I might want to explore. If I make a mistake, I need only cut another piece. What's more, I get to write all of my notes about alterations and embellishments directly onto the working copy of my pattern, for both future reference and to keep me straight as I’m working on the project.

Once you have cut out the working pattern and made any alterations you desire, use it to cut out the vest back.  Then, lightly press the centerfold of the back. This will be a guideline for placing the  embroidery block.

Wing Needle Madness

Our Whole Life Quilt Banner Series

Embroidery Block Placement (Auditioning)

You can do this on a table or use your mannequin.
I used Manny, my mannequin.


Figure 6
Auditioning my embroidery block onto the vest back

For an on-point layout, I placed one corner two inches below the center neckline. Pin the point to the centerfold of the vest back.

Alternatively, for a layout that is not on-point, audition the embroidery block to the location you prefer, remembering to keep the block symmetric about the center seam.

Move the item to a tabletop or other flat surface large enough from which to work.

Pin the embroidery block onto the vest back

Work on a flat surface to avoid introducing any wrinkles or creases into the vest back fabric as well as to keep it and the embroidery block flush with each other.

Hand-press the embroidery block into place, remembering to use the centerfold crease on the vest back as a placement guide.

Once in place pin the opposite corner or center seam (depending on how you chose to arrange the patch) to the centerfold of the vest back.

Now, pin the rest of the embroidery block points to the vest back.

Make sure the block and the vest back are both flush with each other and wrinkle-free. There should be no other creases or wrinkles.


Figure 7
The embroidery block pinned in place

Stabilizing the vest back

  1. Use a piece of tear-away stabilizer under the vest back. It should be large enough for all of the embroidery block, plus an extra 1 to 2 inches beyond the edges of the block.
  2. Re-pin the four points of your embroidery block to the fabric and the stabilizer
  3. Add at least two pins along the side of each block
  4. Make sure each line is straight and the corners square. I used my 12-inch square quilters ruler to assist me with this step.
  5. Once everything is lined up, time to stitch the patch to the vest back.


Figure 8
My embroidery block was not square with the ruler on this corner. You can see the pencil mark I drew for a guideline. When sewing it onto the vest back I will sew on the pencil mark for that corner.

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