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Mad Flourish Wing Needle Vest Project

Adding Some Flourish
To The Back Of A Vest

I am adding a bit of Wing Needle Flourish to the back of a vest I originally embellished the front with my Wing Needle Madness designs. When used with an even-weave woven fabric, my wing needle designs simulate the pulled-thread technique of white work, thanks to the wing needle. Since there is no cutting fabric about any of the embroidery stitches, the fabric on which they are sewn will retain their full integrity, making them well suited for this vest project. It should last you for many years.

You need to stitch four Wing Needle Flourish blocks to complete the project as instructed here.

Notions for Assembling the Embroidery Blocks

Wing Needle Flourish design from Laura's Sewing Studio

  • Refer to the designs instructions for the requisite notions for stitching the designs.

#60 weight thread top

superfine bobbin thread same as used for making the designs

#60/8 Microtex needle


Optional: 3/4 thread serger

A Note about #60 weight cotton thread: I use Mettler brand #60 weight thread.  I keep on hand a large spool of white, cream, black, and medium gray. I keep gray on hand as it blends well with non-neutral colors – i.e. colors other than white, cream, or black. This light-weight thread makes the seam less bulky, so it lays flatter and drapes better.  It is perfect for a variety of tasks, including:

  • sewing together quilt blocks
  • sewing together embroidery blocks
  • sewing together light-weight fabrics
  • sewing christening gowns and other nice baby items
  • Appliqué with blind hem-stitch or tiny zigzag
  • Heirloom sewing – Insertion lace, rolled hems, etc
Figure #1 - Possible arrange of the Flourish blocks
Figure 1
Arrange the four Flourish embroidery blocks

Begin by stitching four Flourish blocks following the instructions that come with the design. I chose to stitch mine all in white. However, you can add a splash of color, using variegated threads, or simply use the four integrated color stops to sew your own custom color sequence.

  1. Set your machine for a straight stitch at 2.5 mm length.
  2. Place two blocks together with right-sides together.
  3. Align the details of the two blocks, paying attention to the block alignment outline of each, and pin in place.
  4. Sew one thread-width inside of the block alignment outline (see the Flourish instructions).
  5. Repeat the process with the other two blocks. You should have two sections like what you see in Figure 2.
  6. Figure #2 - Two Flourish blocks stitched together
    Figure 2
    Two Flourish embroidery blocks stitched together

Finishing off the raw edges

Before you finish assembly of your four-block embroidery layout, serge finish the fabric edge on each side of the seam. Serge as closely as possible to the seam. In lieu of a serger, set your machine to sew a 2 mm length x 2.0 mm wide zigzag stitch. Sew about 5 mm – about 3/16 of an inch – from the seam line. When finished stitching, trim the excess seam allowance close to this zigzag stitch.

Figure #3 - Serging the edges

Figure 3
Serged edges

A note about pressing: Press all embroidery face down on a thick folded towel or use a velvaboard designed for this purpose. If you do much embroidery, you may want to invest in one of these.

  1. With the edges finished, press the seams open.
  2. Pin the double-blocks together right-sides together, as before.
  3. Again, sew one thread-width inside of the block outline.
  4. Finish off the raw edges, as before.
  5. Press the seams open.

Figure #4 - Press the seams open

Figure 4
Backside of assembled blocks, raw edges finished, and seams pressed open

Wing Needle Flourish Set

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