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November 6, 2006

Want more layout ideas for flag size quilts?

The following is a few virtual layouts for you.

Click on the photos to go to the Christmas Outdoor Quilts page with even more layouts

Thank You
To everyone who sent their condolences following the loss of my sister. It has been a difficult time. Your kind words meant more than words can express. Thank you so much.


'Long Pants Surprise' - My husband and I walk alot in our neighborhood. In the late spring when it's starting to get hot the mosquitos are also getting bad. When that happens we have to wear long pants and long sleeves to walk in hot weather. Desperate for something cooler I went searching for light weight woven cotton pants.

I wound up at my local Kohn's store in the men's pajama dept. I found men's pajama pants to be of good quality 100% cotton, well made with pockets on both sides, nice elastic waist, and very comfortable. There is no zipper in the front but the front fly is overlapped alot so it doesn't gap on me. However, if it did gap, I would simply sew it shut.

I've started wearing these pants to work with a matching knit top. In my occupation they work out great as I have to do alot of stooping, bending, exercising with my patients. They are also easy care. I take them out of the dryer while they are still warm and pull the seams out if they puckered any and hang them up ready to wear. Doesn't get much easier or affordable than that. What a surprise!!

Newest Products

Mehndi Body Art Machine Embroidery Designs

The Big Easy Purse Pattern

The Hex Flex Frame

Next week I’ll feature larger Christmas Outdoor Quilts with more layouts for you.

New Projects

Christmas Outdoor Quilts

For the next few weeks I will be featuring Christmas Quilts made with our Outdoor Quilts Collection. We’ll start this week with small quilts that are 2 blocks wide. These quilts fit small hangers well, inside and outside your home. These quilts are semi-transparent so they look great inside in the windows of your home or office.

I’ve used colors Red - Green - White for my quilts but other variations that would also be nice are Cream instead of White, Burgandy instead of Red, and Other shades of Green.

Metallic fabrics and threads would also work well when used indoors. The Double Wedding Ring design would be great done in golden rings.

Visit the Outdoor Quilts Collection page for  more details and more variations.

Albert’s Cubicle

Saving Files vs. System Backup

We've spoken a length about the various devices currently available for storing personal computer files, in the event something happens to our PC's.  Having one or more of these external storage devices on hand is an inexpensive and invaluable addition for all PC owners.  With a little planning, saving personal files is as easy as drag-n-drop.  More importantly, by taking a few minutes each week, or each day, we ensure that those files are always available to us.

Computer system backups are a horse of a different color.  Our nightly ritual of copying files to our USB drive takes only a few minutes and a relatively little storage space.  On the other hand, a system backup may require an external hard drive and several hours, depending on a number of factors, to successfully complete. So why would we consider the trouble and expense?

While our daily ritual saves the personal data that's important to us, a system backup preserves all of the other software on our PC's that allow us to use that personal data.  The intent of a backup is to preserve both the data and the programs that access them in such a manner that they can be restored to the same condition as they existed prior to the backup.  If you've never had to rebuild a computer from a collection of installation CDs, I can tell you that it is a mind numbingly long process.  Many older computer programs require the PC be restarted at the conclusion of the program installation, each and every one of them.  Newer programs tend to require both serial numbers for installation and registration confirmation numbers to run, assuming you had the foresight to save the former and record the latter.  Still other programs need configuration of the user's screen or a list – i.e. SPAM filters – for optimal performance.  In fact, a complete restoration of a PC in this manner can take days, depending on the complexity of the original system.  A true system backup addresses these issues by capturing the entire content of the PC and restoring it in a single operation, usually no longer than the time it took to save the original backup.

So, if it requires so much storage space and such a long time to complete, then when and how often must it be done? Again, the objective is to capture the programs installed onto the PC so that they can be restored in the event of an accident.  Therefore, the answer is as often as you install new computer programs or update existing ones.  If that's too frequent, then do a system back up at least twice a year.  Even if you miss saving a couple of new programs before you actually need to use the backup, that's preferable to spending an entire weekend, or perhaps week, recovering from a dead PC. 

However, to start, you need a backup program.  While there are many backup programs from which to choose, the two programs that I'll recommend are as follows.  First, if you invest in an external hard drive that includes a backup program, then use it.  It's often the easiest and most economical solution.  Otherwise, if you don't have a backup program, then consider Norton Ghost. Ghost has a proven track record and good support.

Featured Project

My apologies for not having a real flag sized Christmas quilt to show you. Our tree that I hang flags onto was the one struck by lightning a few weeks ago and was removed last week - much to my sorrow. It shaded my studio from the afternoon sun.

Flag Size Quilts

Flag size quilts are 5 to 6 blocks wide and 7 to 8 blocks long. They will fit on a standard size flag pole.

The blocks shown here is the Sunflower block done in poinsetta colors

Follow the directions in the book that accompanies this collection for making these blocks and assembling them with the borders.

These quilts are semi-transparent so they look great inside in the windows of your home or office.

If you need fabrics and/or hangers for your quilts be sure to check the resources in the book that accompanies this collection.

Extra Extra

We have plenty of VILENE.  This is precut and packaged in 2 yard lengths and is 72” wide (that’s 2 yards wide). Discount price includes free 1st class shipping within the US.

We have #60 weight Mettler Cotton Thread in large spools sold at a discount. This cotton thread has a lovely sheen and doesn’t produce alot of lint in the bobbin area like other cotton threads. This is the thread you want to use for your lace.

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Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

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