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Christmas Theme Outdoor Quilts

NOTE: This is the same collection as shown on the primary  Outdoor Quilts page

This page is to show you variations done in Christmas theme colors.

These quilts are semi-transparent, making great window hangings inside your home or office.

I’ve used colors Red - Green - White for my quilts, but variations you might consider include Cream instead of White, Burgandy instead of Red, and Other shades of Green.

Metallic fabrics and threads also work well when used indoors. The Double Wedding Ring design would be great done in golden rings.

Large Size Christmas Theme Quilts

These are the same size quilts I use on my front porch.  These  quilts are 11 blocks wide and 11 blocks long.  The border is 5 inches wide.  Finished size is about 50 x 50 inches.  As you’ve probably noticed, the larger the quilt in this series, the more creative the layouts.


Fantastic Tulips

Flag-Size Christmas Theme Quilts

Flag size quilts are 5 to 6 blocks wide and 7 to 8 blocks long. They fit a standard size flag pole.

Follow the directions in the book, that accompanies the collection, to making these blocks and assemble them with the borders.

My Mary Jane Hardanger Angel


Our Whole Life Banner Series

MEDIUM  Christmas Theme Quilts

These quilts fit medium sized hangers inside and outside your home. They’re semi-transparent so they look great hanging inside the windows of your home or office.

A pretty WELCOME for your front door.

Indoors in a window of your home or office.

Interested in making your own Christmas Outdoor Quilts?



Frilly Doodles No. 5b Freebie


SMALL Christmas Theme Quilts

These quilts fit small hangers  inside and outside your home. They’re semi-transparent so they look great hanging inside the windows of your home or office.

This garden quilt is 2 blocks wide and 4 blocks long. It hangs on a small wrought iron hanger.

The Rose of Sharon block done in red fabrics works well in a Christmas theme.

The 4-Leaf Clover block with its points look more like a Holly than a 4-Leaf Clover.

This simple arrangment sews up fast and adds a little Christmas flare to your garden.

How ‘bout now?

This is “Bond, James Bond, License to Kiss” but we call him “Knucklehead”.  He’s sitting in the breakfast nook window along with the little Christmas Quilt.  I asked Albert about hiring a young, attractive male model to help promote my work.  The next day he put Knucklehead on the payroll.

Baroque Collection

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Chenille Hearts N Such Collection

Fimbria Flowers

Bella wants to know, "Are you ready?"




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