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Nutz n’ Boltz

Optical illusions are popular with the guys.
With that in mind I created this smaller version appropriate for the guys to wear.
But don’t let that stop you from sewing these for we gals as well.

These are 1 color designs and have no thread jumps.
Average sewing time per design is approximately 2 minutes.

26 designs in this set perfect for pockets, above pockets, cuffs, etc..
They are approximately 1.5 X 2 inches and 2.5 X 3.5 inches.
5 designs are 1x1 inch and 2x2 inches as noted.

These designs are 1x1 inch and 2x2 inches.

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Nutz n’ Boltz

Instant Downloads
$9.95 US
Includes 26 designs.
All designs fit the 4x4 hoop..

 Design sizes are clearly marked. When ordering, be sure to order designs that will fit in your sewing machine hoop. As with any software, refunds and exchanges will not be made.

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CD Clearance Sale!


T shirt

SewSewn above pocket and on cuffs,
with tone on tone thread color on a Ladies Shirt.

Above pocket & on both cuffs of peach color dress shirt,
sewn with a darker peach thread color

Above pocket & on both cuffs of white dress shirt,
sewn with white thread. It is very hard to see in this picture.

Navy stitching on a Polo shirt

This is sewn with Superior Rainbow thread color # 850.
SNiP and PiNS to purchase Rainbow threads.

On cuff

Above pocket of men’s dress shirt

 Men’s Polo shirt using Superior Rainbow thread color # 850.

 Men’s Polo shirt using Superior Rainbow thread color # 821

Cuff of men’s white dress shirt

Above pocket on men”s white dress shirt

Men’s Tie

Mens’ Tie

Copyright Statement

These designs are for personal use. No design, documentation, or associated graphic distributed as part of this collection may be shared, resold individually, repackaged, or used in any instructional presentation without the written consent of Laura’s Sewing Studio.

However, you are entitled to sew my embroidery designs onto articles to sell as an artistic endeavour in which you produce a limited quantity of any one product as an expressive interpretation of your use of the designs.

If your friends want my designs, please send them to my website or your local sewing dealer or boutique. Both your integrity and patronage allow my staff and me to continue new and inventive endeavours here at Laura’s Sewing Studio.

Laura Waterfield

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