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Molas Nouveau 5x7

Molas are made in the San Blas Islands off the coast of Panama by the Kuna Indians. They use layers of fabric to create reverse, traditional, and inlaid applique. Traditionally, these designs are made using bold primary colors.

This is my intrepretation of molas sewn in machine embroidery. I have attempted to recreate them as traditionally as is possible and still be practical for machine embroidery. You are welcome and encouraged to use your own imagination to sew these designs with whatever thread and fabric colors you desire.

These types of designs are primarily seen on clothing, purses, hats, etc.
Because some of these items are a pain or impossible to handle on a home embroidery machine,
I decided to make this easy and create them as ‘patches’.
Once sewn you can attach them to whatever items you want.

lncluded with the set is detailed and illustrated instructions including a ‘patch’ method, a ‘nonpatch’ method
 and sewing them withand without fringe.
All of these designs are 125mm x 166mm (5x7inches) and can be sewn together to create a larger mola.

For Best Results Use Wash Out Thread in the Bobbin to Create the Fringe

MIrrored designs are included with the set.

Sewn without the fringe.
It is still a patch with a satin stitch finished edge.

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Mucho 5x7
Mucho 4x4

Variations and Possibilities

See Irene Fullers darling tops she made for her daughters. Click Here

Debra Sidler of Bernina Pfaff Sewing Center in Tampa made this purse

Donna Collins made this purse using her purse pattern Trendy Tote

Don’t forget to also order your Vilene and Water Soluble Thread for these designs.

PRICE $42.00 US

Designs available with INSTANT DOWNLOAD & Postal MAIL

These designs fit the 5x7 (125 x 175mm hoop).
 When ordering, be sure these designs will fit in your sewing machine hoop.
As with any software, refunds and exchanges will not be made for designs purchased that are not appropriate for your machine.

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If you prefer, order one of my multi-format CDs, which
includes all of the sewing machine formats as listed above.

Copyright Statement
These designs are for personal use. No design, documentation, or associated graphic distributed as part of this collection may be shared, resold individually, repackaged, or used in any instructional presentation without the written consent of Laura’s Sewing Studio.

However, you are entitled to sew my embroidery designs onto articles to sell as an artistic endeavour in which you produce a limited quantity of any one product as an expressive interpretation of your use of the designs.

If your friends want my designs, please send them to my website or your local sewing dealer or boutique. Both your integrity and patronage allow my staff and me to continue new and inventive endeavours here at Laura’s Sewing Studio.

Laura Waterfield

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