Hardanger Machine Embroidery *

Hardangish Ornaments are “free-standing” designs which must be sewn on fabric, using water soluble stabilizer.
Each design can be an Ornament on a tree or Bookmark by adding a ribbon.
The small designs also fit nicely into a Greeting Card as a little something extra for friends and family.

These designs require fabric and water soluble stabilizer and optional wingneedle.

Hardangish Ornament Collection

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$9.99 US
Includes 20 designs

 These designs fit the 4x4 (100x100mm) and 5x7 (125x175mm) hoops.  Design sizes are clearly marked. When ordering, be sure to order designs that will fit in your sewing machine hoop. As with any software, refunds and exchanges will not be made for designs purchased that are not appropriate for your machine.

Or purchase just the designs for your special projects, as listed below.

















Angel 4x4
65.50 x 75.50 mm
10,959 stitches
5 thread changes


Angel 5x7
93.30 x 108.30 mm
15,065 stitches
5 thread changes


Cross 4x4
73.40 x 96.90 mm
102,072 stitches
3 thread changes

Cross 5x7
105.00 x 138.90 mm
16,408 stitches
3 thread changes

Ornament #1 4x4
74.40 x 83.10 mm
10,727 stitches
3 thread changes

Ornament #1 5x7
104.50 x 116.00 mm
13,427 stitches
3 thread changes

Tree 4x4
86.40 x 99.40 mm
11,525 stitches
2 thread changes

Tree 5x7
123.40 x 142.70 mm
15,478 stitches
2 thread changes

Stocking 4x4
88.30 x 96.10 mm
5,859 stitches
4 thread changes

If your goal is to sew only the 4x4 ornaments, consider buying 8-inch wide vilene.


Heart #1 4x4
97.90 x 98.10 mm
12,504 stitches
2 thread changes


Heart #2 4x4
89.10 x 76.70 mm
12,535 stitches
2 thread changes

Heart #2 5x7
122.30 x 150.50 mm
16,760 stitches
2 thread changes

Drop 4x4
48.30 x 82.60 mm
6,276 stitches
2 thread changes

Drop 5x7
69.00 x 118.40 mm
8,662 stitches
2 thread changes

Butterfly 4x4
87.60 x 58.80 mm
11,201 stitches
2 thread changes


Leaf 4x4
53.30 x 84.90 mm
7,675 stitches
2 color changes

Don't forget your Wing Needle to give your Hardanger Machine Embroidery project a look of authenticity.

I recommend size 120


Ornament #2 4x4
81.60 x 90.10 mm
8,856 stitches
3 color changes

Ornament #2 5x7
116.40 x 129.10 mm
12,059 stitches
3 color changes

Ornament #3 4x4
81.50 x 81.90 mm
8,843 stitches
3 thread changes

Add some pizzazz to your Hardangish Ornaments

Try some iridescent organza

Just don't forget the Vilene


Ornament #4 4x4
74.30 x 83.10 mm
8,773 stitches
3 thread changes






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