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Fantastic Tulips

The artwork for these designs is titled Fantastic Tulips. It couldn’t be more appropriate.

A concept used for eons continues its appeal through the passage of time - positive/negative, dark/light, black/white, red/white, etc. the use of dark on light and light on dark. In the fabric world we usually see this expressed in black and white where black design is used on white fabric and white design is used on black fabric. Sometimes its reds on white. There are no limits here.

What’s more spectacular, is when the design crosses a seam onto a second fabric color, in a seemingly continuous design without deviation from it. This is what I set out to achieve with this collection.

Please visit my tutorial “How to Release Machine Embroidery Fringe Without using Water Soluble Thread

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These Designs Include Fringe Areas

See fringe in the larger images of the designs to the right

My Fantastic Tulips Tunic

When stacked like this there is a continuous curving left-right-left-right and so on as shown in the diagram

 Alternating Light & Dark (Positive/Degative) Pattern Option of the designscurve


Close up of the hem to my Fantastic Tulips Tunic

These Designs Contain Fringe Areas

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Fantastic Tulip Boutonnière on Green Knit Tunic BlouseFantastic Tulip Boutonnière on Green Knit Tunic Blouse 2nd Close Up

These Designs Include Fringe Areas

See fringe in the larger images of the designs to the left

Fantastic Tulip Spray on Blue Knit Tunic Blouse

Butterfly Giants

This Design Includes Fringe Areas

See fringe in the larger image of the design to the right

Fantastic Tulip Medallion

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Fantastic Tulip Medallion



Fantastic Tulip Design Details, Page 1


Fantastic Tulip Design Details, Page 2


Fantastic Tulip Design Details, Page 3

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Pinwheel Petals Collection

Some Additional Layout Suggestions

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Fantastic Tulip Boutonnière Sampler

Fantastic Tulip Monogram Motif

What is Included

Includes all 18 designs (With 2 positive/negative tulip designs).

$9.99 US


Machine formats included: ART, DST, EMD, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3 & XXX

Design sizes are clearly marked. When ordering, be sure to order designs that will fit in your sewing machine hoop.

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