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Fimbria Flowers

Please visit my tutorial “How to Release Machine Embroidery Fringe Without using Water Soluble Thread

Fimbria Flowers

Anyone who has been following my machine embroidery career knows that I love textured and three dimensional designs - especially fringe. When I saw this artwork I knew exactly what I wanted to make with it. I decided this time I would not turn it into quilts but rather cater to the non-quilters and at the same time spiffy up some of the things in my closet just begging for embroidery.


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4x4 Designs

Are different from the 5x7 designs

Includes Five (5) 4x4 Designs + 1 small extra

(The extra design is the same as the 5x7 extra design)

The small extra design (File - LSSFIM001) is to:

*Sew on small places like I did

**Fill in for a larger paroject

***For Practice

(It is the same extra design as the 5x7 extra design)

Spring Bouquets Collection

Fimbria Flowers Navy Pants ProjectThis project includes the first three 4x4 designs. I overlapped them and sewed them onto the pants

Two (2) piece tunic from Soft SurroundingsFimbria Flowers Navy Pants Project Close UpThis is 4x4 Designs 1, 2, & 3.

I wear these pants with pinks, peach, creams, and corals. These are the colors I selected for the design.

Fimbria Flowers No.401 Finished Design

Fimbria Flowers No.401 Design Details

Fimbria Flowers No.402 Finished Design

Fimbria Flowers No.402 Design Details


Fimbria Flowers No.403 Finished Design

Fimbria Flowers No.403 Design Details

Fimbria Flowers Baby Doll EnsembleThe cardigan design is a 5x7 designs. Look for it in the 5x7 section.Fimbria Flowers No.404 - Note the fringe This set is from Zulily. Both pieces purchased separately, at different times, and different manufacturers but match each other perfectly.

Fimbria Flowers No.404 Finished Design

Fimbria Flowers No.404 Design Details

"Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood."

-Helen Keller

Molas Nouveau

Fimbria Flowers Sage Green Tencel JacketSage green tencel pant and vest.Fimbria Flowers No.405 @ an Angle

Fimbria Flowers No.405 Finished DesignI wear cream, pink or pale peach with this pant set. Anything darker pales the sage green. I matched the thread colors to the top.

I added tiny pearl buttons about the design.

Fimbria Flowers No.405 Design Details

"I am never afraid of what I know."

- Anna Sewell


Fimbria Flowers Shawl Collar BlouseThis is an extra design for:

Sewing onto small places, like I did

Filling in a larger project

For practice

Fimbria Flowers No.01

Fimbria Flowers No.01 Finished DesignThis small design is the same as the small design in the 5x7 collection

Fimbria Flowers No.01 Design Details

"Every artist makes himself born. It is very much harder than the other time, and longer."

- Willa Cather



5x7 Designs

Are different from the 4x4 designs

Includes five (5) 5x7 designs + one (1) extra

(The extra design is the same as the 4x4 extra design)

The small extra design (File - LSSFIM001) is intended to”

*Sew on small places like I did

**Fill in for a larger project

***For practice

(It is the same extra design as in the 4x4 extra)

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain


Fimbria Flowers Purple Twin Set with Pearls & French KnotsCotton Cardigan and Tank

I’ve always loved this cardigan with its unusual trim. It comes out of the washer and dryer looking just like you see it here.

From Coldwater Creek

Fimbria Flowers No.501 From The Side

Fimbria Flowers No.501 Finished DesignI added white pearls to this design

Fimbria Flowers No.501 Design Details

"Ideas are easy. It's the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats. "

- Sue Grafton


Fimbria Flowers Cotton Interlock Knit Top in SalmonCotton Walmart Top

Good quality, which maintains color and sizeFimbria Flowers No.502 From The Side

Fimbria Flowers No.502 Finished DesignI wear this color with navy, brown or olive. I matched my threads to the pants.

Fimbria Flowers No.502 Design Details

"What do you hang on the walls of your mind?"

- Eve Arnold

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Fimbria Flowers Silk Blouse In YellowSilk striped blouse from J Jill.

It has a long peplum skirt in the back. Really cool with the striped fabricFimbria Flowers No.503 From The Side

Fimbria Flowers No.503 Finished DesignI matched the thread colors to the striped blouse

Walmart Cotton knit top

Shhh! Don’t tell Jill

Fimbria Flowers No.503 Design Details

"Vous ferez des choses folles, mais faites-les avec enthousiasme."

- Colette


Fimbria Flowers Baby Doll Tunic & Matching CardiganBabydoll design in 4x4 sectionFimbria Flowers No.504 Close Up From The Side

Fimbria Flowers No.504 Finished Design

I added pink pearls into the design

Fimbria Flowers No.504 Design Details

"I handed my passport to the immigration officer, and he looked at it and looked at me and said, 'What are you?'"

- Grace Hopper

Appliqued Butterflies

Fimbria Flowers Cotton Twin Knit Set in Off WhiteCotton twin set from Costco

It has been screaming for emboidery

Fimbria Flowers No.505 From The Side

Fimbria Flowers No.505 Finished DesignI added real pearl buttons into the design, which I purchased from an antique dealer at Quilt Festival, eons ago.

Fimbria Flowers No.505 Design Details

"Make a difference about something other than yourselves."

- Toni Morrison

Butterfly Giants

What is Included

Includes all eleven designs

(five 5x7 designs and six 4x4 designs, including the FIM_01 practice design)

Illustrated instructions for stitching the designs and releasing the fringe

$12.99 US


Machine formats included: ART, DST, EMD, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3 & XXX

Design sizes are clearly marked. When ordering, be sure to order designs that will fit in your sewing machine hoop.

As with any software, refunds and exchanges will not be made.





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