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Two Hearts One Love

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Barbara J.
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Two Hearts, One Love was inspired by Aunt Millie, who after several years was re-united with her high school sweetheart.  They were married so quickly after announcing their engagement that the seed of the idea for this project had barely germinated. Still I took the time to get this project just like I wanted it.   I wish them all the best in a long and happy marriage.

This compliment received from Loraine

“Thank you Laura for the beautiful floral hearts in 2 hearts, 1 love theme.  They are just beautiful, can't say that enough.”

Millie's Two Hearts - Framed

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Finished size 9 x 9.5 inches

Pre-made mat and frame from Hobby Lobby

A Sweet Love Story from Vicki. She writes

“Your wedding sampler is lovely.  Loved the story behind it.  My great aunt Mable was seeing a man (Emmett) when they were both 18.  They promised to marry.  But, his family was Catholic and my grandfather was an Adventist Minister, and the families withheld mail between the two.  Later, Emmett married a lovely Catholic lady and was married about 45 years.  Aunt Mable married, but it did not last past about 3 years.  She continued being a nurse in around Stockton Calif.  Many years later -about 1963 or so (when they were about 70), Emmett showed up at Auntie Mable's front door, asked her out.  They got on well.  On the second date, he brought moving boxes and proceeded to start packing her linens up.  She was perplexed about the need for boxes.  He replied, I asked you once when we were 18 and you said yes, so it's time we got married.  They did and stayed married until she died about 20 years later.  He has also since passed on.  Vicki”

Thanks for sharing this story with us Vicki.

Millie's Two Hearts

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Made with textured details including fringed flowers

I added pearls to the flower centers.

Use your software to personalize your project.


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Millie's Two Hearts - Details 1

An alternate colorway

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What’s Included

  • Download includes multi colored files and monochromatic files re-sequenced for best sew out
  • Split designs for 4x4, 5x7 and 6x10 hoops
  • Includes a 13 page full color instructional booklet + templates in pdf format
  • Full size master template and individual templates in pdf format ready for you to print
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Sandy Mamies Projects






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Sharon Rump’s

Ringbearer’s Pillow

Sharon writes,

“My grandson is getting married on June 8 and I gave his future wife the pillow at our Thanksgiving family get-together. She was very happy with it and it made me feel more a part of the wedding planning even though I live far away and don’t get to see them very often.”

Kathie Borba’s Project

Kathie writes,

“Hi Laura: I embroidered Two Hearts One Love for my daughter's wedding and wanted to share how it was displayed at the ceremony. Her theme was vintage elegance. The sewn beads were from a necklace that my mom had given to me as a child and saved. I got (you got) many wonderful compliments.

Thank you for the beautiful design and sharing your talents! “

Kathie Borba


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Janet's Two HeartsClick photo for larger image in a new window

Janet’s Project

Janet writes:

“Laura, I made this for our grand daughter for her wedding.  Had the heart (mat) made at photo shop here and she did a great job on it. It was a fun design to do and everyone loved it.

So good job to you for great work so I looked like i did great work.

I put diamonds in the middle of the purple flowers, the hot glue ones.”

Madonna Robin’s

“50th Anniversary Project”

Madonna writes:

“Just wanted to say thank you for such a great design. I just finished my Two Hearts One Love pillow for my sister's 50th Anniversary. Her couch is in beige and brown so I did it in champagne beige silk shantung and brown suede cloth for the back. As you can see I changed the saying - did not like to put dates on the pillow - thought it would get a better reception with 50 on it.

Take a look before I wrap it as a gift. Great fun”


Madonna Robins”

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Ruthie Ridgeway’s

Ring Bearer Pillow

Ruthie writes:

“Hi Laura,

I have completed the "Two Hearts One Love" ring bearers pillow and I am so pleased with the result. We will decide where to place the ribbon and the rings soon. Our son will be getting married Sept. 10th, 2011 and hopefully the little 3 yr old ring bearer will be willing to walk down the aisle carrying the pillow.

Thank you for your lovely design and help.

Ruthie Ridgway

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Kathryn Bridwell’s

50th Anniversary Pillow Project

Kathryn writes:

“I am sending you 2 pictures of a pillow I just completed for my cousin's 50th anniversary. I hope I did the fringe somewhat correct. You talk about someone being afraid to make that first cut!! After I got into it I kind of enjoyed the result. Your design stitched out beautifully, I could not ask for better digitizing or directions. Thank you sew much.

I really enjoyed the project (after I got past the first clip). I am making another one for my own anniversary in September. It is a little different. I am using fabric from my dress from my daughters wedding 25 years ago. It is ready for beads and that will probably take a while since there is no hurry. I plan to frame this one.”

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Vicki’s  Project

Viki writes:

“This is the second gift I have made with your Two Hearts design but I didn't get to take a photo of the first one before I sent it off to the bride.

This one is going to Italy so, of course, I had someone do the translating for me. I decided not to use glass in the frame because I don't think the glass would ever make it to Italy without getting broken.

I am pretty happy with the way this turned out. Thank you for this beautiful design. It is so elegant.

My 16 year old granddaughter is in Italy for this school year as a foreign exchange student and these are her host parents. I made this as her wedding gift to them. My granddaughter told me that Francesca loves green, hence the color.”

Naomi’s Projects

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Naomi writes,

”Hi Laura: Just wanted to send you this picture of another "Two Hearts One Love" that I embroidered. It's my 3rd one now! My husbands high school classmate married. My husband insisted I do this for them. He does the framing so it was easy for me. They haven't received it yet, but I will take a picture when we give it to them. They have to come get it - told them we have a surprise for them. Their wedding colors were turquoise and peach - hence the colors in it. Now my husband thinks I should make one for us.... We've only been married almost 53 yrs! LOL.”


Here are the pictures of the two wall hangings I embroidered and my husband framed.

My husband and I will be celebrating Ervine and Ron's Anniversary on a cruise ship to Hawaii leaving Oct. 2nd. Their anniversary is Oct. 8th. Our cruise ship will arrive In Nawiliwili Kauai at 8 am on Oct. 10th, the day my granddaughter, Jennifer will be getting married on the beach. My son will pick us up for the wedding and take us back to the ship. We don't want to take the framed embroideries on the cruise with us so what we are going to do is insert a picture in their card and tell them they can have it when they arrive back home. We put a sleeve on the back so they can insert the card they receive from us. I will send you pictures later with them holding their framed embroidery.

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50th Anniversary

The first one is the 50th Anniversary of friends. The pillow was an afterthought. It was just my practice piece with their wedding date, but I decided I wanted a different font for the names and a different date which you so graciously digitized and sent to me so that I could make the framed one. I didn't want the sample one to go to waste, so made them the pillow. They were very happy to have both.

My granddaughter was married in Kauai and just got a picture of her framed embroidery until they got home. I'm attaching both pictures. They were so thrilled. Jennifer said she will treasure it forever. I put a sleeve on the back for them to keep the card & picture in.


One busy lady!

Jesse & Andrew

Our Nephew and his bride

Both are serving our country in the US Navy.

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Ella Roof

Ella writes:

“One Love Two Hearts for My grandaughter. Thank you for the beautiful design.”


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Maria T. Schwarz

Maria writes:

“Here I am sending the Wedding Heart Pillow for the rings I made for my granddaughter Laura who lives in Ohio and will be married in Puerto Rico Feb. 19, 2011.

This is my first multihoop project at my age 81 years old. After buying your designs I was somewhat afraid. I read all your instructions and a little common sense to make the pillow and also a small purse for keeping the cards that will be wedding gifts. I made the letters and date smaller so the rings are attach in the pillow for the wedding. I hope you like it.

Next project will be to make one for myself for my 60 years married this year in June.

Love all your designs and especially this one.”

From Puerto Rico....Maria T. Schwarz

 Margaret Schlimmer

Margaret writes:

“It was nice to see you on Creative Living. I wanted to share a picture of one of your hearts that I did for my Great Niece & hubby. They are building a new house and it is in their colors. I was very happy with the way it came out. The picture doesn't do it justice. I had it framed at Hobby Lobby and the spacer is put between the 2 mats which gives it even more depth.

Thank you for the wonderful design and your expert digitizing.”


Susan Jost’s Projects

“I have made two different Two Hearts, One Love embroideries as anniversary gifts. Both were made with the recipients' home style and colors in mind. Ann and Bob are dear friends who have been married 45 years. Sheri and Chuck are my daughter in law and son, married 13 years. I couldn't match your font, so I did all the lettering with an Embird plug-in font - Alphabet 36, that I already had in my computer. The written dates looked too long, so I settled for the numerical versions.

Thanks for a lovely design.”

Susan Jost

New Jersey

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Sibyl Scott’s

50th Anniversary Project

Sewn on gold fabric, Sibyl writes:

“Wanted to share my pillow I made with your designs. It is for a dear friend. Hope. Loved the fringe flowers.”

Click photo for close up

Victoria Shortino

“I did this for my best friend’s daughter’s wedding. I loved creating this. Your design work is perfect!”


Kathleen Gansert’s

Ring Bearer’s Pillow

Thank you for creating such a beautiful design. It was a great hit with the bride and her mother. Thanks for making me look like an sewing artist.

I used a piece of satin that I purchased at Joann's fabric. I backed it with a piece of white flannel that I attached with spray adhesive. The satin/flannel sandwich was not hooped, it was placed on sticky back tearaway.

It was the first time I used my multi-position hoop. I was shocked that I only had to hoop twice.

I used purple Swavorski crystals in some of the flowers.

Visit Kathleen’s Blog for more photos and to see the back

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Barbara Whittle

Barbara writes:

“Here is my finished embroidery. I sewed it out on silk and the frame still has plastic on the corners as I am taking it to England.

I read about the placement method on your website. I have a glass coffee table and it worked beautifully. It was a lot easier than some of the other methods I have tried. Thank you for the lovely design and the information on sewing it out.

I love the way it turned out so I hope you and the happy couple do too.”


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Lori in Alaska

These are pillows I did for my college room mate. Both her son & daughter are getting married on the same weekend. These sew out beautifully and were fun to make.

Thank you for a wonderful design.

Lori in Alaska

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Barbara Jackson

Hello Laura,

I thought you might like to see my finished project. The pictures aren't the best but it turned out beautiful. Thanks again for all your help!

This is for a friend of 45 years, 40th wedding anniversary gift


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Joyce Chambers


I just wanted you to see how well my embroidery turned out. I wanted to tell you how easy the design was to do. I really liked all the underlay that made it lay very flat for so much embroidery stitches.

The couple that I made it for were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and were thrilled to death with the gift. She thought that I had done all that myself, but I told her I couldn't take credit for that -that you had done all the work for me, except the lettering.

Again, thanks for answering my question and doing such nice digitizing.

Joyce Chambers


Pillow Project

Elaine made this for her grandson’s wedding.

Made with Duponi silk and heirloom lace with pearls and crystals in yellow for the wedding colors.

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Joanna Hager’s Project

Kit Bradbury’s Project

”I was so pleased with it that I had it professionally framed. Thanks for the great design.”


Kit's Two Hearts




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