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Lisa Spivey’s Walker Bag Project

Lisa writes: “ Hi, Laura, I just wanted to thank you for posting instructions on your website for a Walker Bag. I made this one for an elderly friend who is recuperating from a broken leg and will definately keep these instructions handy to make more for others in the future. I also included your link in a post on my blog, Piecework Treasures I wrote today about this project. Thanks again so much for sharing.

Lisa Spivey
Piecework Treasures

When asked if I could add her photo and comments to this website she writes again to say,

“ Good Morning Laura! I’d be honored if you added my walker bag story to your website! Since I first wrote you, I’ve delivered the bag and this worman was so incredibly grateful. She phoned immediately and was so excited she could barely contain herself calling the bag ‘fantastic’. She then sent a sweet ‘thank you’ card but not before her daughter sent an e-mail and photo by phone. I wrote an update post including some of that info and that link is here.

I was a little concerned by the ‘weight’ aspect particularly after seeing the pressure on one of the buttons in their photograph so will make sure they are aware of a potential hazard if it’s too heavy.

Thank, you again, so much for sharing your pattern, instructions, and photos. It was well-written, easy to follow, and I’m sure I’ll be making more in the future.

Piecework Treasures


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Maeva’s Walker Bag

Thank you for the pattern for the walker bag - I made it this morning with a few modifications - I put a double pocket inside the bag for valuables and small items and a closure strap to hold the bag closed when walking or if it tips over.

My Aunt 84, for whom I made the bag, is quite frail but loves to carry her handbag in the wire basket on her walker, which is how it was subsequently stolen in a snatch and grab, which has given her a huge shock and set back her health and confidence no end.

Hopefully, this new cheery bag will brighten up her day and give a renewed sense of security.

Maeva Bennett

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If your friends want these designs, please send them to this website. .Both your integrity and patronage allow us to continue with new product development, while keeping down cost and maintaining quality support.

Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

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