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Hoop-N-Quilt 60

NOT Just for Quilters

A very versatile collection as you can see below

Jacket and Vest Arrangements Below

I have been asked many times over the years if I would bring back Hoop N Quilt 60. We sold out of the original books. Since then I have refined my Hoop N Quilt method, a method that I am much more satisfied.  To bring these back meant starting from scratch digitizing and testing all of the designs which I have done and are finally completed.

Shown here arrranged into Tumbling Blocks using 3 tonal fabrics in light, medium, and dark shades.

More Tumbling Block Arrangements below

The New Hoop ‘N’ Quilt technique does NOT require fusible, batting in the hoop, or cutting fabric in the hoop.  There is no piecing in the hoop. It makes an “impossible” quilt possible. The finished quilts are not stiff or bulky in any way. Rather, they lay flat, feel soft, draping like a quilt made with more traditional techniques.  What’s more, they are wonderful to use as a bed covers, lap cover, or sofa comforter, as they drape about you like any quilt in which you would bundle up for warmth.

Shown here arranged into a Carpenter’s Wheel

Of course, a sleeve can be added to the backside should you wish to hang your quilt on the wall for viewing. And still they can be made into smaller projects as well.

If you are not a quilter these designs can be assembled and appliqued onto finished products like tablecloths, placemats, and also onto garments like jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vests.

Shown here arranged into Pinwheels with a border of points.

More Star & Pinwheel Arrangements Below

This set contains 60 degree diamonds and its segments as well as borders in 3 widths and lengths. Each of the single designs is the same size for all hoop sizes.

To help speed your sewing, I created files that have multiple repeats of each design so you don’t have to hoop for each single piece.  These designs are all one thread color designs.

Carpenter’s Wheels arranged into a Tablerunner with a border of points

The diamonds and all its segments come in (2) varieties. One is plain; the other has ‘faux’ quilting. Use whichever one you prefer. The plain one is great for showcasing your fabrics. The ones with ‘faux quilting’ looks lovely on solid and almost solid fabrics.

Shown here in a Floral arrangement.

More Floral-Like Arrangements Below

This table cover is 45 inches across and was in Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine July/August 2005.

Have fun with samples and left over pieces

See more Fun with Samples below


For a stained glass look simply sew the plain designs and use black thread.

Shown here in Flying Geese arrangement

What’s included in Hoop-N-Quilt 60

  • All 16 designs
  • Diamonds and all segments in 2 varieties.
  • Diamonds and all segments are the same size.
  • Borders in 3 widths
  • Special Triangle which can be used for additional layouts on its own
  • Includes 20 pages of full color instructional booklet in pdf format

Please note: These are not the original HNQ60 designs but have been redigitized and tested using the new method. The New Hoop and Quilt 60 will not be offered in book format .

For the informed quilter, the notion that creating a project using 60 degree shapes is challenging comes as no revelation.  However, my approach is both quick and simple.  If you have ever made or wanted to make your own 60 degree diamond layout I hope you will try my approach and let me know how it compares to more traditional techniques.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

$8.99 US

Sewing Machine Formats

When ordering, be sure to order designs that will fit in your sewing machine hoop. As with any software, refunds and exchanges will not be made.

















Hoop-N-Quilt 60 Design Details for the 4x4 Hoop

Hoop-N-Quilt 60 Design Details for the 5x7 Hoop

Hoop-N-Quilt 60 Design Details for the 6x10 Hoop

Fun with Samples

I made these with samples and left over diamonds from other projects.

We use these on our dining room table to set jugs of cold water or iced tea.

We also use them for hot containers like bowls of soup.

Here are some larger arrangements made with samples.

Floral-Like Arrangements with Hoop-N-Quilt 60

Note that these arrangements use diamonds, half diamonds, and quarter diamonds


Pot Holders

Twin Size Quilt

Hoop-N-Quilt 60

NOT Just for Quilters

Jacket and Vest Arrangements

Use a ready made jacket or make your own using your favorite jacket pattern.

Two Methods for making jackets and vests with HNQ designs

     *Piece the entire project with HNQ60 pieces

     *Make only the decorative stars, flowers, etc and applique them onto a jacket or any other project.

I especially like the way the hems of most of these have points.

Note that some of these arrangements the diamonds are vertical and some are horizontal.

Download my EQ5 file below for a template for creating your own arrangements using EQ5 software.

Star & Pinwheel Arrangements for Hoop-N-Quilt 60


Full Size Bed Quilt

Tumbling Block Arrangements of Hoop-N-Quilt 60

Electric Quilt Users

Download my  EQ5 & EQ6 Files and  ‘Click Away’ to creating your own 60 Degree masterpiece.

Note the Jacket and Vests templates are in the EQ5 file. EQ6 will open EQ5 files.

The diamonds are 4.25 x 2.5 inches.

Use these dimensions to determine the size the template needs to be for your jacket/vest pattern.

If you are a novice EQ user and need help with the program please join Info EQ and correspond with the EQ folks who wrote the program.


EQ5    EQ6






Laura's Sewing Studio embroidery designs are for personal use. Designs and copyrighted images are intended for private, non-commercial use. Laura's Sewing Studio entitles the purchaser only to make projects for personal use. The embroidery designs are the copyrighted property of Laura M. Waterfield. No design, documentation, or associated graphic distributed as part of this collection may be shared, re-sold individually, re-packaged, or used in any commercial endeavor or instructional presentation without the written consent of Laura's Sewing Studio. Any modifications of these embroidery designs are for the personal non-commercial use of the purchaser only and may not be sold or distributed under this licensing agreement.

If your friends want these designs, please send them to this website. .Both your integrity and patronage allow us to continue with new product development, while keeping down cost and maintaining quality support.

Thank you for your patronage and happy sewing.

Laura Waterfield

Copyright Laura M. Waterfield 2002-2017

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